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Luxury & Unique Accommodation, Private & Peaceful
Encompassing twenty eight luxury rooms situated on the beautiful property in a quiet area of the village Bole Rwanda. We offer a vast service, managed, five-star, luxury hotel can give. From this spot, guests can stroll to the city centre and explore its famous spots. Tizeze is rich in atmosphere, luxury, peace and privacy - it is the ideal hiding place for the traveller who is no longer impressed with five star hotels.

TASTE PERFECTION. Tizeze Hotel offers a personalized, world-class dining experience rarely found in hotels. From the elegance of Continental Restaurant to the modern vibe of Tizeze Bar, our restaurants and bars offer imaginative cuisine, festive cocktails and an unmatched sophistication. With our chef, incredible ambiance and spectacular views, your fine dining experience at Tizeze Hotel is destined to be unforgettable.

Sensibly arranged, leisurely appointed and smartly furnished with American choices. The 28 rooms are distributed in five floors and they come as suite, deluxe with Jacuzzi. Tizeze’s rates are value sensitive and competitive.

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Fax: +251 116392003
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Tizeze Tours

Tizeze Ethiopia Tours offers wide selections of package, tailor-made and customized tours throughout the beautiful & timeless country of Ethiopia.

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